If you want to be one of the few people allowed to snorkel in the world’s second largest totally protected coral reef that teems with the widest possible variety of exotic fish, then this is for YOU...

Get Ready For The Experience Of A Lifetime – With our Playa del Carmen Snorkeling Tours to Cozumel Reefs!


Michelle snorkeling in cozumel from playa del carmen

Michelle Robinson

Sebastopol, California

"One Turtle Calmly ate his Breakfast while I watched less than 10 feet away..."

My family and I love to snorkel and when we book an excursion, I do my homework, checking out all the companies, reading reviews, and looking for the best fit for my family.

If you want a trip that spends most of the time in the water, with a friendly crew and clean boat, this is the trip for you!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Alberto, our guide. When we booked, we knew that we would be in a small group of eight or less passengers, what we didn't know was that we were the only passengers with a guide, and captain--yes, a private tour!

Alberto set us up with equipment and helped us practice before we set off on our adventure. He knew just where to find the most colorful fish and my favorite, turtles!

We saw five turtles (up close!!!). One turtle, calmly ate his breakfast while I watched, less than ten feet away.

Alberto found us towels when he realized we had forgotten them and offered us prescription snorkeling masks when he noticed we both wore glasses.

He couldn't be any more welcoming! He did not hurry us but offered to let us stay out longer than expected.

I have already recommended his outfit to several guests. Their prices are also considerably less than what the hotels offered. Check them out--you will be glad you did!

December 2018

Hola … my name is Alberto Novelo and I and my family have been providing snorkeling tours in Cozumel for good folks like the Robinson family for well over 20 years. Over those two decades we have amazed and delighted many thousands of snorkelers, many of whom return to Cozumel time and time again.

That’s because we have the great good fortune to live near the second largest coral reef on the planet, only beaten by the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in Australia.

And that is why we can offer you a snorkeling adventure virtually no one else can match.

What’s our secret?

We are very proud to have been awarded a coveted license, authorizing our glass-bottomed boats to enter the marine life rich underwater world of the Cozumel Marine Park which is a highly protected area and forbidden to all but the most careful operators who have to fulfill the very strict ecological demands by operating ultra eco-friendly boats.

Which means you will enjoy an exceptional PREMIUM snorkeling experience with us that is second to none.

As part of our premium service, our boats are all glass-bottomed with ample shade and plenty of comfortable seating.

So, if you don’t want to snorkel or are simply coming along for the ride, you will still derive great enjoyment watching the awesome sights in the crystal clear water below the boat while sipping a cool drink from the comfort of your seat, amply shaded from the sun.

First time snorkeling?
No problem, because during the short trip to the reefs, our guide will demonstrate exactly how to use the snorkeling equipment and how to snorkel for maximum comfort and safety.

Unlike many snorkeling companies operating out of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, we supply a brand new snorkel tube, free of charge, for your personal use.

So you can be confident that you – AND NO ONE BUT YOU – will have had this tube in your mouth. After use we carefully dispose of every tube in an environmentally conscious way.

Every boat captain and snorkeling guide (mostly my uncles and cousins) are certified snorkeling guides. And we all Speak English.

Because this is a family business – not staffed by disinterested employees – every single member of my family is dedicated to making this day a golden one.

And, if this is your first time here, the sheer volume and variety of the dazzling tropical fish coupled with the truly impressive reefs of both hard and soft coral will astonish you.

We encourage the fish by feeding them!

And, if you are really lucky, you’ll enjoy the heart-stopping sight of a turtle swimming close by – just like Tammy Williams …

Tammy snorkeling with a turtle in playa del carmen

Tammy Williams

Los Alamos, New Mexico

"We saw everything they advertised – tons of Tropical Fish, Starfish, Stingrays, Sea Turtles and Coral Reefs..."

Everything we expected from start to finish -- wonderful experience and great for kids too...

Booking the trip was easy, we were met on time at the Marina in Cozumel. We were briefed and shown how to properly use the snorkel equipment which by the way is in great condition -- there is shade cover on the boat and the ride from each location was very short.

They take great care to make sure your masks and flippers fit well and then have you test them out right by the dock to ensure everything works.

Nice small trip with great staff. Our two boys - 9 and 11 were well taken care of and Alberto, our guide never left their side and ensured all of our safety and enjoyment.

The day was amazing from start to finish -- the trip to each location was only about 10 minutes and the water was warm and clear.

We saw everything they advertised from tons of tropical fish, starfish, barracuda, sea turtles and the whole Coral Reefs environment was amazing.

Our boys felt comfortable since the water was only about 15 feet deep at the most and the length of the three trips with all the sea life kept them so excited.

Alberto, our guide and Santiago the boat captain, were knowledgeable and pleasant. I would go back again and highly recommend this snorkel trip for a perfect half-day excursion. We totally enjoyed ourselves!!

December 2018

Or like David Hall, from Brunswick, Maine who was fortunate enough to see a spotted manta ray …

David enjoying his snorkeling tour from riviera maya

David Hall

Brunswick, Maine

"Within 5 minutes of being in the water, we saw a Spotted Manta Ray..."

The booking process was easy and painless and we were met up on time the next day for our excursion. Our guide was Alberto who was a mild mannered and friendly guy. We arrived at Cozumel Marine Park for snorkelling - 3 sessions of 45 minutes each - and we were joined by three additional customers from Canada.

And to my surprise, within 5 minutes of being in the water, we saw a spotted manta ray. It was amazing. The area boasted many varieties of fish and very interesting coral. Some fish looked like they were out of Nemo and there was even a trumpet fish too.

All in all, it was a great trip, Alberto made a great guide and we had tons of fun and never felt rushed. I would definitely recommend Playa Snorkeling Tours for anyone looking for a snorkelling tour.

December 2018

The lion’s share of the most spectacular reefs in the Cozumel area (about 70%) lie within this protected Marine Park area and thus out of reach for the unlucky tourists who choose another tour company who do not have that coveted license allowing them to enter the protected area.

So they have to settle for a dramatically scaled down level of marine life, jostling with their fellow passengers and finding it hard to snorkel without bumping into other swimmers.

Naturally, you simply do not get the sheer quantity and range of fish and other marine life you’ll find in the exclusive protected area of the Marine Park.

But, because we are one of the very few businesses who have invested in the high quality glass-bottomed boats, with the latest environmentally friendly engines that more than meet the very strict ecological requirements needed to preserve this marine paradise on earth you’ll enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

No overcrowding on our boats!

Because we are determined you will enjoy the best possible experience with us, we limit boats to a maximum of 12 passengers – despite them being able to carry 22 in perfect comfort.

So, sit back and relax and enjoy the personal attention you will get as our valued guest.

10 or more in your party?
Then here’s some GREAT NEWS

Because, if you have 10 or more people in your party you qualify for a FREE upgrade to a totally private trip with all the regular comforts and facilities – PLUS you’ll have the boat entirely to yourselves.

There is no extra charge for this – you simply have to ask when you make your booking.

Five different start times for your convenience

You can choose your start time from the following:

9:30am … 11:00am … 12pm (noon) …1:00pm or 3:00pm.

The tours last approximately 2 ½ hours.

Nervous about snorkeling for the first time?

So was Christine Morgan and her party from Fairview, Illinois. Read what happened next …

Christine booked her playa del carmen snorkeling excursion online

Christine Morgan

Fairview, Illinois

"First Time Snorkeling, so we were a bit nervous - but from the moment we stepped on Alberto´s boat all aprehensions vanished..."

As it was the first time we’d snorkeled, we were a bit nervous. But from the moment we stepped on his boat, all apprehensions subsided.

Such a caring, fun and upbeat crew to be with on his boat. Laughter was constant and drinks were plentiful! Alberto and his crew consistently ensured that we were comfortable, laughing and well taken care of.

Another crew member was constantly taking pictures so that we could solely enjoy the snorkeling experience.

The tour was great in every way. Their website, their responsiveness, and especially the owner/guide Alberto, who was just outstanding.

December 2018

Needless to say, we provide only the very best snorkeling equipment, including high quality, comfortable life vests in all sizes.

We welcome children on board

Children of three years or older, can also enjoy the experience of a lifetime by snorkeling alongside you, provided you closely supervise them at all time.

And infants aged one and upwards are also welcome, provided you can care from them while the rest of your party are away snorkeling.

And after snorkeling

Relax in the comfort of our shaded seating areas with a cold beer or soft drink while you take in the beauty of Cozumel’s coastline and swap anecdotes with your fellow snorkelers.

Your drinks are provided with our compliments.

What sets us apart from the other snorkeling tours available at Playa del Carmen?

Unlike the other snorkeling tours operating in Playa del Carmen, we hold one of the very limited licenses to snorkel the breathtaking coral reefs in the Cozumel Marine Park with its abundance of sea life.

  • So we don’t have to offer you a second class experience snorkeling in cenotes. Cenotes are a type of sinkhole – and cannot be compared with the beautiful colorful reefs in the Cozumel Marine Park.
  • Nor do these cenotes enjoy the sheer abundance of fish and other marine life that the Cozumel Reefs attract.
  • And the even worse news is that the nearest cenote is in Tulum, a Town south from Playa del Carmen, needed a 1 hour 30 minutes drive before you reach it.
  • Contrast that with the ease of visiting the far superior Cozumel Marine Park with us, where you simply hop on the Cozumel Ferry, which takes about 20-25 minutes to arrive at Cozumel. Once there, a three minute taxi ride brings you right to our boat.

So, in about an 30 minutes from leaving Playa del Carmen you can be at the beautiful Cozumel Marine Park getting ready to take your first snorkel trip, whereas, if you’d settled for one of the other Playa del Carmen snorkeling tours, you’d only be HALFWAY to a far inferior snorkeling trip in cenotes with virtually no fish or other marine life.

Four reasons why this will be a trip of a lifetime for you and your party

Four important things …

  • We are a family owned-run and staffed business - and thus so far more interested in making your day wonderful in a way no employee could ever manage.
  • We are one of the very few tour companies authorized to visit the most stunning reefs, which are located inside the protected area of the Cozumel Marine Park. That means you will enjoy a five star snorkelling experience, rather than a second rate overcrowded snorkeling trip in the far more busy, less spectacular reefs outside the Marine Park. Not only are the reefs themselves less attractive but they naturally don’t attract the range and variety of fish that the quieter reefs in the protected Marine Park do.
  • Although our boats are designed to safely transport 22 passengers, we set a limit of 12, so we can give every one of our VIP guests a five star service, with ample room to relax on our comfortable seating, which is carefully shaded for your maximum comfort.
  • We not only allow you to bring your infants, aged one and upwards, we also allow your children aged three and upwards to snorkel. They must all be supervised by one of your party at all time. What’s more, a member of our crew will also be close at hand when under the water for extra safety.

And, if you are fortunate enough, you’ll get a close encounter with Sea Turtles – just like John Wilson from Louisville, Colorado …

John snorkeling in playa del carmen with turtles

John Wilson

Louisville, Colorado

"We were lucky enough to see 5 Sea Turtles…"

I wanted to do a snorkeling trip during my vacation to Playa Del Carmen. I wasn't happy with the previous snorkeling I did two years ago in the area. So this time I decided not to book through the larger companies that work at the hotels. After seeing the great reviews for Playa Snorkeling Tours I decided to check it out.

They were very friendly and told us the group would be very small. So my girlfriend and I booked the 3 Reefs tour (Cozumel). Our group was only seven people and we set off to the barrier reef. The tour was fantastic. Our tour guide Alberto has got to be one of the best around the area.

The shallow water diving was perfect for us because we were novice snorkelers, and I would definitely do it again. Also, we were lucky enough to see 5 sea turtles so I think that visiting that location was a great choice.

Alberto was a great snorkel guide and was very friendly. All of us enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys snorkeling. I want to point out the great customer service they provided.

December 2018

Meeting up is simple – no matter if you’re coming from Playa del Carmen...

We meet at the ‘Marti Sports’ (the ‘Sporting Goods Store’ next door to Hard Rock Cafe), a very well known landmark in Royal Village Shopping Mall Cozumel. That means …

  • Coming from Playa del Carmen? Perfect, because you’ll arrive at the Cozumel Ferry Pier, which is just a few minutes away from our meeting point by taxi (and all the taxi drivers know where the ‘Marti Sports’ is). Or if you prefer to walk it's just 10 minutes on foot.

Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll receive full directions with your Confirmation Email that will be instantly sent to you when you book your tour.

If you are coming from Playa del Carmen, the Ferry ride to Cozumel lasts 20 minutes, and costs only $6usd each way. Ferries depart every hour both ways starting at 7am until 11pm.

Make sure to catch a Ferry at least 1 hour before your scheduled snorkeling tour depart time.

You can choose to meet us at the following five times a day – every day …

9:30am … 11:00am … 12pm (noon) … 1:00pm … 3:00pm

Here is your program for our ‘Three Reefs’ tour in Cozumel

  • Immediately you embark into our glass bottomed boat, you’ll be delighted to note how clean and ‘shipshape’ everything is.
  • You’ll also be pleased to hear you can understand every word our captain and crew say, because they all speak fluent English.
  • Then you’ll feel your excitement explode as the boat’s powerful eco-friendly engine fires up and we cast off to begin your adventure of a lifetime!
  • The short trip to the Marine Park will pass by in flash because you’re absorbed in the crew’s demonstration of how to use the high quality snorkeling equipment.

And that’s when you should congratulate yourself on being smart enough to choose OUR tour, rather than the more obvious snorkeling tours based at Playa del Carmen.

  • That’s because in less than an hour from leaving Playa del Carmen, you’ll be getting ready for your first wonderful snorkeling experience of the day swimming around the stunning Paradise Reef followed by the equally amazing Villablanca Gardens Reef.
  • These reefs consist of both hard and soft coral and so support an incredible range of sea life and attract an even more spectacular range of fish, turtles, rays, barracudas and other fish.
  • Meanwhile, if you had made the bad mistake of choosing a Playa del Carmen snorkeling tour, you would still be driving to get to the boat, berthed some distance from Playa del Carmen, following which you would face a sea journey of up to two hours before you can start snorkeling.
  • And your snorkeling trip won’t be anywhere as near as the memorable one you’re about enjoy in the Cozumel Marine Park. Instead you’d have to make do with a very much second class snorkeling experience in cenotes.
  • Cenotes are a type of sinkhole – and cannot be compared with the beautiful colorful reefs in the Cozumel Marine Park. Nor do they enjoy the sheer abundance of fish and other marine life that the protected Cozumel Reefs attract.

And the notion you’ve made the right choice will be quickly confirmed as you take your first dive of the day.

  • Because it doesn’t matter how much of a veteran snorkeler you are, you’ll still gasp with amazement when you see the stunning panorama of bright corals, astonishing sea plants in vivid colors and amazing shapes and exotic fish.
  • And you’ll really appreciate just how exclusive our tour is because you’re unlikely to see any other snorkelers apart from the few from our boat.
  • Then all too soon, it’s time to get back on the boat for our short trip to the other reef. But there’s plenty of time to sit in the shade and enjoy a drink while you excitedly discuss your experience with the other snorkelers.
  • Once we arrive at the third reef it’s time for you to get back in the water and inspect our next reef. And if you thought the first two reefs couldn’t be surpassed, you’ll be delighted to realize how wrong you were, because I’ve saved the best reef until last.
  • The reef is called: Dzul-Ha - Mayan for “Royal Water” and is very well named as it makes a most majestic sight, rising out of the sandy ocean floor.
  • Once that stunning experience is over, you can again relax in the comfort of our shaded seating areas with a cold beer or soft drink while you take in the beauty of Cozumel’s coastline and swap anecdotes with your fellow snorkelers on our return journey to shore.

Chances are, your day has been so wonderful, you’re probably already planning your return trip.

Just like Barbara Young and her family from Traverse City, Michigan

Barbara and her family enjoying a snorkeling tour in mayan riviera mexico

Barbara Young

Traverse City, Michigan

"If you want a fantastic snorkeling experience, this is the one!"

We were in Playa del Carmen while on a Family Wedding and like to book excursions myself other than through the Hotel tour desk. After reading the great reviews, decided this is the excursion for us. Let me just say that Fernando and Javier did not disappoint!

My husband, two daughters and I had a wonderful time. Fernando made the experience so much fun and was in the water pointing out all kinds of sea life. We went to three different types of sites with different things to see. We saw many fish, starfish, sea turtle and even some stingrays. Fernando told us about the stingrays and we thought he was kidding! He took pictures and sent them to us at no charge. He even took our GoPro down to video an eel and pictures of us from down below.

We had plenty of time for some beach time afterwards so Javier dropped us off at Mr. Sanchos where we had a great lunch and took a cab back to the Ferry Pier to Playa. If you want a fantastic snorkeling experience, this is the one!

December 2018

Here's a quick Summary of your Cozumel snorkeling tour...

For your total convenience you can choose your start time from any of these five times:

9:30am … 11:00am … 12pm (noon) …1:00pm or 3:00pm.

If you are coming from Playa del Carmen, the Ferry ride to Cozumel lasts 20 minutes, and costs only $6usd each way. Ferries depart every hour both ways starting at 7am until 11pm.

Make sure to catch a Ferry at least 1 hour before your scheduled snorkeling tour depart time.

The tours last approximately 2 ½ hours.

The reefs:
We visit three of the most beautiful reefs in the fully protected Cozumel Marine Park: the stunning Paradise Reef followed by the equally amazing Villablanca Gardens Reef. Then after a short pause to refresh yourself, we visit the Dzul-Ha Reef.

Dzul-Ha is Mayan for “Royal Water” and is very well named as it is a most impressive sight.

Being in the protected area all three reefs boast a stunning range of corals, sea plants and fish.

Unlike other tours which might initially seem better value and then charge you for extras, we include everything you need to make your day perfect.

That includes the fee to enter the protected Marine Park, use of all the high quality snorkeling equipment – including a brand new snorkel for your exclusive one-time use – plus all cold drinks of beer, soda or bottled purified water.

The only items we exclude are expenses you would reasonably expect to pay for yourself, such as the ferry to Cozumel and the taxi fare to the meeting point.

You get all this – and much more for just ...

It’s very clear this is the sort of day that you’ll remember forever, where you’ll be seeing sights very few others are privileged to see, so your concerned if the cost is sky-high.

Fortunately, by booking directly with us, you will slash your cost by as much as 40%, compared with booking via a hotel or other ‘middle man’. What’s more, by booking Online, we manage to hold down the cost even more.

In addition, you’ll be able to instantly check if the day you want is still available.

What’s more, many of the items that other operators might charge you for – such as the one time only use snorkeling tube, the entry fee to the protected Marine Park and the beach party with all the drinks - are all included in the basic fee.

  • $59 USD for an Adult (age 13+)
  • $49 USD for Kids (age 1-12) and yes, they can go snorkeling.
  • That includes all taxes and fees.

If you can’t print the Confirmation Email because you don’t have access to a printer, simply make a note of the directions and arrive at our meeting point with your passport or any other photo ID.

Book with Confidence. My Refund Policy has you covered:

  • If there's bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbour master shuts down the port for small boats like mine. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • No questions asked.

I don’t want this to catch you out

As I’ve already mentioned, access to the fragile ecosystems that make up the protected Cozumel Marine Park is severely limited.

Despite this, the eco-friendly nature of our high end glass-bottomed boats, fully equipped with shading and comfortable seating for 22 qualify us to operate 3 boats.

However, despite being licensed to take 22 passengers, we restrict most parties to 12 so you enjoy maximum comfort and close personal attention at all times, particularly when snorkeling. It’s almost like a private charter.

So, between our three boats, we can take a total of 36 passengers.

That sounds a lot – until you consider most of our clients come from the cruise ships, with about 20,000 cruise visitors daily.

So, because we are one of the few snorkeling tours able to enter the closely guarded Cozumel Marine Park, we tend to get booked up very quickly for all five tours and for every day of the week.

So if you snooze you might very well lose

As the most sought after snorkeling tour company, thanks to our stellar service, the superb value we offer and – unique among all the Playa del Carmen snorkeling tours – the ability to take you right into the forbidden heart of the Cozumel Marine Park with its spectacular coral reefs and even more spectacular marine life we get booked up very quickly, despite running 15 boats daily.

So, if you know what day you want, I urge you to booking right away, before you are disappointed ...

Make your Reservation Today.

Instant Booking Access

Please, select your tour date

Please, select total travelers

I and all my family are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to Cozumel and sharing our stunning coral reefs with you!


Alberto Novelo
El Cielo Cozumel Snorkeling Tour

P.S. With 20,000 visitors coming off the many cruise ships that dock at Cozumel daily, our daily seats on our popular snorkeling tour don’t stay empty for long.

So – if you see the day you want still available – I suggest grabbing it. Remember the old proverb: “He who hesitates is lost”?

P.P.S. I’ll leave the last word to Linda Davis from North Carolina …

Jane Smith

Linda Davis

Carrboro, North Carolina

"I felt like I was snorkeling in a saltwater fish tank, it was that amazing…"

This was by far the best snorkeling we did! The water was more shallow so you got a better view of the reef. I felt like I was snorkeling in a saltwater fish tank, it was that amazing!

This is one experience I will always look back on.

Alberto was our guide for the day and I'm glad he was our guy. He had a wealth of knowledge and very passionate about the conservation and use of his country. I found that very refreshing and appreciated his love and concern for the reef and mangroves that surround the beach.

We did four 45 minute snorkel trips to different locations. My favorite sighting was the "refrigerator" where there were a bunch of large spiny lobsters holed up.

Super cool!

My husband found this company online and we did all the booking and payment online while still in the States.I was a little concerned doing it this way, but they were nothing but professional.

If you have the chance, book the Playa Snorkeling Tours for your snorkeling excursion! You will not be disappointed!

December 2018

Check availability here while there’s still a chance to get on board!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are coming on the ferry boat from Playa del Carmen, how do we find you?
You will arrive at the Ferry Pier, which is less than a mile from our meeting point at the Marti Sporting Goods Store. You will receive full directions with the confirmation of your booking.

You can either take a gentle stroll along the scenic shoreline or hop in taxi, which will get you to our meeting point in about three minutes for a cost of $8USD for four passengers.

At what times does the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel run?
The ferry for Cozumel runs hourly from 7.00am until 11.00pm and the ferry from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen runs from 6.00am to 11.00pm.

We are arriving on a cruise ship. Do you pick us up at the Cruise Pier?
YES. The meeting point for cruise passengers is located directly across the street from the Cruise Pier at the Marti Sporting Goods Store. It is clearly visible as you exit the Cruise Pier, being just 50 yards away.

What time does your tour start and how long does it last?
We set off at five times a day – every day at:
9:30am … 11:00am …12pm (noon) … 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

The tours last approximately two and a half hours.

How many passengers can your boats take?
All three of our top quality glass-bottomed boats are designed to take a total of 22 passengers in complete safety.

But, to guarantee your comfort and give you our personal attention, we rarely exceed 12 passengers in each boat.

That means you enjoy a wide choice seating and receive personal attention at all times.

But limiting each to tour to just 36 passengers means those limited seats get take very quickly.

So booking your seats without delay is the best way to be certain of securing your trip of a lifetime.

How do I check if you are available on a certain day?
You can check our website at any time, night or day, and get a constantly updated completely accurate picture of our availability.

But please note, that can change in a heartbeat.

So – if you see a slot you want – book it right away. Because, with 80% of our bookings coming from the 20,000 daily cruise visitors, available slots tend to disappear lightening fast.

My cruise ship docks in Cozumel at a certain time. What departure time should I select?
As you are coming by cruise ship, please remember there will be plenty of other folks all trying to disembark at the same time as you. So pick a departure time at least 30 MINUTES AFTER you are supposed to dock to allow for the delays in embarkation.

I am coming by ferry from Playa del Carmen. What time should I take the ferry to be in good time to meet you?
You will need to catch a ferry at least ONE HOUR BEFORE our scheduled departure time. Bear in mind our meeting point is about a mile from the Ferry Pier, which is where you will arrive on Cozumel.

You will receive full directions with your emailed booking confirmation.

Are there any extra expenses we should budget for?
NO. Unlike other tour companies, the cost of your disposable one time use snorkel tube plus the Marine Park entry fee and your drinks are all provided, with our compliments, free of extra charge.

Do you cover the cost of my ferry from Playa del Carmen?
NO. This is one small expense you will have to carry. It’s just $6USD each way.

Do you take care of my taxi fare?
NO. This is the other small expense you will have to carry, but everything you need on the trip – the one time use snorkel tube … entry fee to the Marine Park and your drinks are all provided, with our compliments, free of extra charge.

What happens if the weather is so bad you are unable to leave the harbor?
In that very rare event, we would immediately issue you with a full refund.