Book with Confidence. My Refund Policy has you covered:

  • If there´s bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbour master shuts down the port for small boats like mine. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know your time is valuable. So we've created this list of common questions along with detailed responses. In most cases you'll find a quick and comprehensive answer to your question.

We are coming on the ferry boat from Playa del Carmen, how do we find you?
You will arrive at the Ferry Pier, which is less than a mile from our meeting point at the Marti Sporting Goods Store. You will receive full directions with the confirmation of your booking.

You can either take a gentle stroll along the scenic shoreline or hop in taxi, which will get you to our meeting point in about three minutes for a cost of $8USD for four passengers.

At what times does the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel run?
The ferry for Cozumel runs hourly from 7.00am until 11.00pm and the ferry from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen runs from 6.00am to 11.00pm.

We are arriving on a cruise ship. Do you pick us up at the Cruise Pier?
YES. The meeting point for cruise passengers is located directly across the street from the Cruise Pier at the Marti Sporting Goods Store. It is clearly visible as you exit the Cruise Pier, being just 50 yards away.

What time does your tour start and how long does it last?
We set off at five times a day – every day at:
9:30am … 11:00am …12pm (noon) … 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

The tours last approximately two and a half hours.

How many passengers can your boats take?
All three of our top quality glass-bottomed boats are designed to take a total of 22 passengers in complete safety.

But, to guarantee your comfort and give you our personal attention, we rarely exceed 12 passengers in each boat.

That means you enjoy a wide choice seating and receive personal attention at all times.

But limiting each to tour to just 36 passengers means those limited seats get take very quickly.

So booking your seats without delay is the best way to be certain of securing your trip of a lifetime.

How do I check if you are available on a certain day?
You can check our website at any time, night or day, and get a constantly updated completely accurate picture of our availability.

But please note, that can change in a heartbeat.

So – if you see a slot you want – book it right away. Because, with 80% of our bookings coming from the 20,000 daily cruise visitors, available slots tend to disappear lightening fast.

My cruise ship docks in Cozumel at a certain time. What departure time should I select?
As you are coming by cruise ship, please remember there will be plenty of other folks all trying to disembark at the same time as you. So pick a departure time at least 30 MINUTES AFTER you are supposed to dock to allow for the delays in embarkation.

I am coming by ferry from Playa del Carmen. What time should I take the ferry to be in good time to meet you?
You will need to catch a ferry at least ONE HOUR BEFORE our scheduled departure time. Bear in mind our meeting point is about a mile from the Ferry Pier, which is where you will arrive on Cozumel.

You will receive full directions with your emailed booking confirmation.

Are there any extra expenses we should budget for?
NO. Unlike other tour companies, the cost of your disposable one time use snorkel tube plus the Marine Park entry fee and your drinks are all provided, with our compliments, free of extra charge.

Do you cover the cost of my ferry from Playa del Carmen?
NO. This is one small expense you will have to carry. It’s just $6USD each way.

Do you take care of my taxi fare?
NO. This is the other small expense you will have to carry, but everything you need on the trip – the one time use snorkel tube … entry fee to the Marine Park and your drinks are all provided, with our compliments, free of extra charge.

What happens if the weather is so bad you are unable to leave the harbor?
In that very rare event, we would immediately issue you with a full refund.